Red Stone Winery

Red Stone Winery

Project Summary


The Redstone Winery is a 38-acre vineyard located in the Niagara region near Lincoln, ON. Constructed in 2014, the winery includes dining and retail areas on the ground floor, along with a professional kitchen and space for entertainment. The main floor of the building is 910 m2. Timmerman supplied the Cross-Laminated-Timber (CLT) roof system that extends over the bulk of this building. The roof system is defined by series of rod-tied kingpost trusses that reinforce the CLT panels above and add visual interest to the space below. Coordination on this project between the structural steel elements and the mass timber elements was crucial to ensure the proper fit—the stainless-steel tie rods have only a nominal range of adjustment and need to be properly tensioned for the structural system to work. Total area of the CLT roof on this project was 720 m2.