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We’re a team of like-minded wood-enthusiasts with the common goal of offering premium traditional woodworking with modern day designs. Our builds simply stand out and display superior quality.

Design Development

The Timmerman design team provides consultation and full design services for projects producing everything from conceptual models & renders to full scale drawings.

Our expertise at incorporating heavy timber and engineered wood into a design has brought us to the forefront of the industry and we enjoy the challenges that every design entails.

Our Design Development services provide owners with:

  • Architectural and/or Structural as well as project Shop Drawings
  • Seamless collaboration and communication with project consultants
  • Efficient design processes to adhere to project timelines


Since the beginning of the industrial age, the importance and influence of Engineering has grown at a fast rate, and with the demands for mass timber increasing it’s essential to have the best in the field backing all levels of projects. We work with the best in the field and are proud of our award-winning projects!

Our Engineering services provide owners with:

  • Compliance with Building Code requirements
  • Assurance that the project can be executed seamlessly
  • Professionals with a strong understanding of the intricacies of Mass Timber construction


Timmerman’s mass timber shop is the heart of the operation and fabricates most heavy timber projects in-house. We are a progressive employer and treat our team well, and that results in a highly motivated crew that takes great care and pride in their work.

Specializing in wood connections and loving the challenges of complex joinery has built our reputation for superior finished quality.

Our Fabrication services provide owners with:

  • Both Union and Non-Union skilled carpenters
  • Proficient fabrication for expedient erection
  • Precision and connection details in line with standard tolerances

Specialized Installation

The efficient installation of these structures is as challenging as it is rewarding. The level of coordination and communication required is very high, with just in time delivery required on most sites. The momentum of a logistical challenge involving hundreds of tons of wood and steel places some extraordinary burdens upon the men and women on site.

Our crews work in almost all-weather conditions, sacrificing comfort to maintain schedule. The only weather factors that compromise our schedule are safety related, high winds will impede safe crane operation, and freezing rain creates a universal hazard. Our crews of men and women are proud of their craft, and enjoy the challenges of the work. The rewards outweigh the challenges, and the satisfaction of looking back at a beautiful building is impossible to equal.

Our Specialized Installation services provide owners with:

  • Pre-mobilization site analysis and project team meetings
  • Efficient erection timelines
  • Highly skilled installation crews
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Finishings & Coatings

Protecting your investment involves more than just inspired design, flawless fabrication, and efficient installation. Protecting your fiber of choice for the lifetime of the build is ideally planned into the process.

We offer pre-finishing services for timber elements that protect and beautify your investment. From fire resistant coating to custom stains and UV protection, we have the expertise and capacity to help you realise your goals.

Our Finishings & Coatings services provide owners with:

  • Firm understanding of products to meet project specifications
  • Material protection to maximize the longevity of the material
  • On-site or shop applied coatings

Independent Structural Review

Our Engineers customize their services to the needs and schedule of each project, generally starting with standard industry scope that includes a progressive multi-stage review of design criteria and selected structural systems, followed by independent review of representative elements and specifications.

Our Independent Structural Review services provide owners with:

  • Complete design criteria review
  • Adherence to project specifications and requirements
  • Customized analysis
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