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We’re a team of like-minded wood-enthusiasts with the common goal of offering premium traditional woodworking with modern day designs. Our builds simply stand out and display superior quality.


There are very few companies anywhere that can draw upon the same broad palette of materials that wood offers and the technical experience of Timmerman. Over the past 20 years, we have grown and adapted with tenacity; navigating the growth and popularity of the mass timber industry by taking on large-scale commercial work while maintaining our roots in residential timber framing. Together, we are a cohesive team of designers, engineers, project managers, and carpenters. We have a combined interest in wood & architecture and work towards the common goal of building superior structures.

Together, we are a cohesive team of designers, engineers, project managers, and carpenters. We have a combined interest in wood & architecture and work towards the common goal of building superior structures.

Company Timeline

Getting Started

Getting Started

1999 - 2005

Timmerman Timberworks was formed by brothers; Henry Krans & Michael Krans who combined their building experience and the desire to produce superior quality timber frames.

Starting out in a small old barn in Simcoe County, the brothers took on many significant projects and steadily grew in the coming years and started hiring several employees, all of which are still with us today.

As the company gained its reputation, the work increased and the need for more space had them move to a larger facility in Minesing with a shop size of 3.600 ft2.

The quality and significance of their work produced carved out a reputation for quality workmanship and diversity. Demand for their work increased, as did staffing.

Growth & Expansion

Growth & Expansion

2006 - 2009

2006 saw a 6000 ft2 coverall built and would house the newly purchased 4-sided planer.

Aligning themselves with several residential builders in cottage country increased their workload and built very impressive timber structures that were featured in Cottage Life and Our Homes magazines.

The commercial buildings projects involving other mass timber products started to come in and although they are of larger scale, the connection technology was similar and Timmerman was eager to pursue new challenges. In 2009 Timmerman received its first large commercial pool project in Wilmot, ON, which saw the team working with glulam for the first time and installation was successful.

During this time period Timmerman grows to 16 – 19 employees.

Growth & Expansion

Growth & Expansion

2010 - 2017

Residential projects remain steady and continued growth in commercial projects in Ontario and other provinces (Newfoundland, PEI, New Brunswick, Manitoba) fueled the motivation for continued growth.

Staffing increases to 22 employees as we were involved in projects such as the G8/Huntsville & Markham Pan Am Pool.

In 2016-2018 we were successful in the Design/Assist & build of 80 Atlantic in Toronto and ended up building the first mass timber structure in Ontario in 100 years.

Two days before Christmas in 2017 we unfortunately experienced a fire and lost the shop and everything in it.

Rebuilding & Reinventing

Rebuilding & Reinventing

2018 - 2021

10 days after the fire, Timmerman fortunately found a larger vacant facility in New Lowell.

Rebuilding what they had took the whole team and replacement of the primary tools was done swiftly and our Carpenters were back to work in no time.

Mass Timber Leaders – Timmerman designed and engineered the first automated NLT machine which can produce a significant more panels per-day then when built by hand.

Staffing increases to 26 – 35 employing union carpenters on union job sites.

Looking Forward

Looking Forward

The Future

We continue to secure our position as industry leaders in timber framing, providing superior service, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

We look forward to adding to our robust commercial portfolio in the years to come. We encourage you to browse some highlights of our most recent work to get a better picture of what our future has in store, and what we can do for you.

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