Our Process

Our diverse team of designers, engineers, managers and installers have an integrated approach to the execution of your project that is unique in the sector.

Process Walkthrough



  1. Bid requests for Commercial Projects are submitted to tenders@ttimberworks and are reviewed for scope by the Estimating Team.
  2. The Estimating Team prepares and submits a proposal designed to meet the project objectives.
  3. No Drawings available – the Timmerman team can support the client by offering full design development services as dictated by the project requirements.
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Preliminary budget / Proposal

  1. Design Development – a proposal which addresses the required scope of work is submitted for review and approval.
  2. Tender – a budget proposal and preliminary T1 model are prepared and submitted to the appropriate individual for review and approval.

Project approval & Assignment

  1. Approval to proceed is required by means of a formal contract, purchase order, or proposal acceptance signature.
  2. At this time, the project will move from our Pre-Construction team to our Design team.
  3. Behind the scenes, the Pre-Construction, Design and Construction teams will complete an internal kick off meeting to discuss the scope of work, and project requirements.


  1. Required drawings are completed in conformance with the design standards as outlined by the Ontario Building Code (OBC) by our in-house design team, and reviewed and sealed by an Engineer licensed to practice in the Province of Ontario.
  2. Drawings are provided to the client for review and approval.


  1. Once required drawings are approved, the Design and Construction teams work in tandem to identify the specific material requirements which are then procured by our Project Management team.


  1. Our 20,000 sqft facility is the heart of our manufacturing and fabrication team. Our shop staff are quality craftsmen, who treat every project with the utmost care. Working from sealed shop drawings, our craftsmen fabricate the selected material to within millimeters to ensure a perfect fit and raising.
  2. If space permits, projects are pre-fit in our shop to ensure accuracy for an easy on-site installation.


  1. From shop fabrication to on-site installation, our craftsmen do it all! Our team of skilled crafts understand installing mass timber, and have completed over 200 Commercial projects and 2500 Residential projects to date.

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