Bringing the Best out of the Forest

Timmerman grew out of the love of resource and the drive to leave a legacy of expertly crafted homes and cottages that will stand for hundreds of years. Our Carpenters are superior craftsman’s who take pride cutting all the pieces of your project “by hand”, and skilfully assembling them into the finished product. We’re very proud of the homes and cottages we have been involved in are pleased to offer professional services for all aspects of your project.

We are pleased to offer professional services for all aspects of your project

  • Collaborative and creative conceptual design for those looking to create a unique legacy
  • Complete and thorough drawings
  • Expert engineering and professionally prepared permit documentation
  • Comprehensive scheduling
  • World class quality hand cut craftmanship in fabrication and finishing
  • Professional installation

Out of the Box Design Experience

As a custom design build firm we offer no plan book, no cookie cutter kits, and no pressure. Our design team will do everything possible to optimize your building lot with your ideas and dreams and if you already have a set of drawings we can produce a set shop drawings incorporating the timber frame into the original drawings.

Combining Your Ideas with our Expertise

We are in this industry to leave a legacy for centuries, if you want to create a unique space for your family and future generations, we would be proud to be a part of your project.

Design & Build

The Timmerman Design team provides consultation and full design services producing everything from conceptual models & renders to full scale drawings. Experts at incorporating heavy timber and traditional joinery into a design have brought us to the forefront of the industry and we enjoy the challenges that every design entails.


We design all frames, rooms, and structures to your ideas. A discussion of the various styles of timber construction is a part of the design experience, and we are pleased to offer our expertise. It is our hope that we can work with you to create a space that is entirely yours.

Site Visits & Permits

We can create an accurate three dimensional topographical map of your site, and examine setbacks from water and property lines. Discussion of views, access, driveway and permits will provide us with insight as to how to proceed with items such as shape and orientation.


Pride in Craftsmanship

Hand-cut joinery is our specialty that has built our excellent reputation in the industry. Working extensively but not exclusively with top notch builders in different regions of North America has afforded us the opportunity to focus on quality workmanship and client care.


Our team of skilled craftsmen has championed some of the most unique timber projects since our inception. With unmatched skill sets derived from years of experience, our team of carpenters can fabricate the most intricate designs bringing the beauty of the material to life.

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