Our Services

Our full-cycle mass timber design and build services focus on providing a seamless, client-centric experience. We believe that the better the understanding, the better the Joiner.


Design & Build

The Timmerman Design team provides consultation and full design services producing everything from conceptual models & renders to full scale drawings.

Experts at incorporating heavy timber and traditional joinery into a design have brought us to the forefront of the industry and we enjoy the challenges that every design entails.


Planning Services

You may well have a very clear idea of what you want your home or cottage to look like and this will greatly simplify the design experience, as we need only design a timber frame or a great room or other elements to your ideas.

Once the design has been approved to the satisfaction of client, engineer, and municipality, and the project is moved into production. Permits are secured, services are introduced, and in our shop, wood is ordered cutting begins.


Site Visits & Permits

We strongly recommend a site visit, where we can create an accurate three dimensional topographical map of your site, and examine setbacks from water and property lines.

Discussion of views, access, driveway and permits will provide us with insight as to how to proceed with items such as shape and orientation.


Onsite Building Team

When the site is developed to the point where they are ready to install and enclose the timber frame it is trucked to site and raised. The raising of a frame is a special privilege for the craftsmen who have worked to create this one of a kind structure, there is something visceral in putting up heavy timber that has some of your essence in it.

We are proud to say that our crew enjoys their craft, and thrive within the team attitude that building such beautiful cooperative projects requires. Our craftsmen are professionals who take their responsibilities seriously, who take great pride in their skill and will take great pride in your project.