Bill Fisch Forest Stewardship Centre

Bill Fisch Forest Stewardship Centre

Project Summary


This single-storey, 372 m2 building has been heralded as one of the most sustainable buildings in Canada. It was designed to hold corporate meetings and community educational programs. Situated in the midst of a protected, re-forested oasis on the edge of Toronto, the intent of the LEED platinum-certified, Net Positive building is to expose visitors to a different type of relationship with the natural environment. To suit that purpose, FSC certified, regionally-sourced wood was chosen as the principle structural element. CLTs were used for walls & roof panels, and Glulam beams and columns were used to span the open spaces of the building. Timmerman supplied and installed all of the mass timber elements for this project, which was characterized by an “upside-down” roof in which the CLT roof planes are suspended by Glulam roof girders which are completely hidden in the roof structure above. The result—a very clean, simple aesthetic—was achieved through the use of hundreds of hidden connectors that tie the Glulams and CLTs together. Total materials for the project include 65 m3 of Glulam and 525 m2 of CLT.